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What are the benefits of latex mattresses?

announcer:admin Release date:2017-07-31

Latex mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in emerging mattresses in recent years. It is made of pure natural rubber juice for foam molding. It has tens of thousands of vent holes, so it is well ventilated. There is little breathability in the pad. Natural latex spread a natural latex milk flavor, can effectively prevent mosquitoes close to the mattress, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, while the latex surface is more smooth, mites difficult to adsorb, it has to prevent the effect of mites breeding. Latex mattresses are better elasticity and resilience, is the leader in the mattress, not only can adapt to different weight of the crowd, and the body of different sleeping position adaptability, coupled with its turn no noise, vibration, Turning over is not easy to affect the sleep of the partner, thereby improving the sleep quality of sleepers. The following is the Royal Yan latex mattress specific analysis.

High elasticity - latex mattress natural latex has the advantage of high elasticity, can meet the different weight of the crowd to use, high elasticity to determine its good support force to adapt to sleepers of different sleeping position, and its use area than ordinary mattress , The body curve and mattress close fit, evenly dispersed the weight of the various parts of the body, so that all parts of the body to bear the pressure equal, but also to correct the body's poor sleeping position. The high elasticity of the latex mattress makes the body's head, neck, waist buttocks more uniform, the body can be completely relaxed, improve the quality of sleep at the same time can improve and promote human blood circulation, and then the cervical spine and spine and other diseases A certain role in prevention and treatment. According to medical experts, long-term use of latex mattresses to prevent and relieve rheumatism, arthritis caused by headache, low back pain and joint pain and other diseases.

High resilience - high resilience is the biggest highlight of the natural latex mattress, there is a data show that latex mattress and human body contact area than ordinary mattress and body contact area 5-6 times higher, can make the body and The bed is fully fit, conform to the human body curve, to support each part of their sleep, reduce their physical stress, thus relax and effectively promote the body's microcirculation, its good support to sleep a variety of sleep , To speed up the sleepers to enter the depth of sleep and reduce the number of turn over, to extend the depth of sleep time, thereby improving sleep quality of sleep. High resilience latex mattress, not easy to collapse, long-term use will not be deformed, so that the human body in the night sleep can maintain a natural straight state of relaxation. Ergonomic design, so that the human body to support a more comprehensive sleep more comfortable sleep, and durable, the shape can be maintained for a long time without deformation.

Strong support - natural latex itself has a uniform distribution of the honeycomb fiber structure, can remain long-term deformation, according to physicists research shows that the latex's high elasticity of all external pressure absorption in its 10 cm range, and not Will cause the surrounding deformation, which can be seen, latex mattress support strong, one person overturned with the bed with the small driving force, difficult to cause interference with the bed, and the couple two body size and weight difference can also be used Latex mattress. At the same time, the high-strength support of the latex mattress determines its support for the neck and waist of the human body. It has the effect of promoting the microcirculation of the human body and the blood circulation of the human body, and improving the oxygen supply capacity of the brain tissue. Headache, dizziness, neurasthenia, insomnia and other symptoms of prevention and adjuvant therapy. Latex mattresses can disperse the weight of the human body, the average weight of the head to absorb the full support of the human body, so that sleepers sleep comfortably and sleep, as well as correction of poor sleeping position function.

Anti-mites - American medical information shows that 12% to 16% of people in the world have allergies, 25% of these allergies are caused by the dust at home, and asthma patients up to 90% or more due to dust Caused by dust mites can be seen on the health of the great harm. Natural latex from the natural rubber juice foam molding, itself has tens of thousands of ventilation holes, breathable performance is better, not easy to breed bacteria, and the latex surface is more smooth, mites difficult to adsorb to the latex, then the latex can distribute a natural Milk flavor, to prevent mosquitoes close, but also from the source to eliminate the breeding of bacteria and mites growth. Latex contains unique collagen can inhibit the latent pathogens and allergens, effectively prevent the body from allergies and mattress breeding dust mites, human health is guaranteed.