Childhood Pillow
  • Childhood pillow
  • P8 50*30*7/9



    100%  pure natural latex products
    Environmental protection and no pollution 
    Non-toxic, anti-mite, anti-bacterial and anti-allergy
    Correct leaning, sitting and lying posture
    Latex pillow can effectively improve the cervical spine and lumbar spine and lower blood pressure
    High elasticity can cushion the pressure of the human body 
    Designed on the principle of human body engineering, it effectively promote sleep
    Latex pillow can effectively reduce snoring, which is suitable for asthma patients
    Latex pillow can effectively reduce static electricity between the human body and the fiber 
    Bee-nest-like structure has good air permeability, which is able ti dissipate the heat produced by the human body rapidly 
    Formed by a high-tech scientific formula, it is durable and indeformable

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